Tawa Art

Drawings and carvings done by me, Tawa! Fanart, original junk, and occasional anime/game stuff. Very low on reblogs and text posts.


My first ever moku hanga style print with a slightly updated Ukow-e design. I did 8 prints of just the lines on 2 different kinds of paper, a thicker cream and a thinner white one.

Aaaand the color version! Used 3 colors, white, red, and a pink. The registration isn’t perfect and the colors aren’t solid but it’s my first time doing moku hanga printing. Still, pretty fun! Learned a lot! Made 5 prints of these on cream paper so the white is noticeable.

Buy a black and white one for $15 or a color one for $23 + $5 S&H ( $8 S&H for outside the US ) by sending me an e-mail to tawawawa7 [at] gmail.com with the subject “RELIEF PRINT”.

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